Real Engagement.

Real Outcomes.

PineRock Solutions

Strategic Communications

Real creativity.  Real engagement. 

PineRock Creative - Event Technology

It's not about us, it's about you. Our creative thinking and strategic design is focused on your objectives and target outcomes. We break through the noise and clutter to foster transformational conversations. With some of the worlds most talented thinkers, experts and artists, we engage with your communities to gain a deeper understanding. We listen, observe, brainstorm, prototype, and test our ideas. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of every program and work to enhance your brand with each encounter.

Meetings & Events

Real engagement. Real participation. 

PineRock Events - Sales Meeting Production

Events are more than just people sitting in seats watching slides go by. Those days are long past. Now meetings are interactions and conversations with every participant, at multiple levels, on multiple stages and platforms: some physical, some virtual, all at the same time, to ensure that your target outcomes are met and exceeded every time. 

Execution is a given. Every cue counts, every unanticipated problem or opportunity needs to be handled gracefully. (We have a process for that.)

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Video Production

Really engaging media.

Really motivated outcomes.

PineRock Video - On-Site Production for Streaming Media

We create media in many formats for one purpose: to engage and motivate your target communities. Short pieces or long, big screen or tiny, huge audiences or small, ... each interview, infographic, and testimonial contribute to the larger story and strategy, and every media element contributes to your success.  

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Learning & Performance

Real engagement. Real learning.

PineRock Training - Patient Journey Training Experience

Whether live or remote, we break audiences out of the “breakout” mentality – focusing on conversations and experiential learning – rather than rote regurgitation of detail. We push people to understand the “why” behind their interactions— to question, test assumptions and feel the purposeful energy behind what they’re being asked to master. It’s the context and concerns around the challenge, and the cross-pollination of smart ideas, that makes learning more meaningful and memorable. 


Experiential Marketing

Real experiences. Real transformation. 

PineRock Experiential - PR Stunt / Edible Selfie Station

Immersive experiences--virtual, augmented and mixed reality, gamified and personalized interactions delivered on all sorts of mobile and virtual platforms--have the potential to be fundamentally transformative.  Now, when attention is often brief and shallow, we leverage innovative strategies to surround, engage, and activate your communities. Not tech for its own sake, but in the service of achieving your target outcomes and insuring the lasting success of your engagement initiatives.

Virtual Events 

Real Communication.  Real Engagement.

Live Streaming

Virtual events are an excellent way to complement or replace face-to-face events. We believe it takes a rock-solid strategy and the right technology to successfully meet your goals and connect with your audience online.

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