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"PineRock has become a place where people know they can make a difference and love what they do!"  - Ed Romanoff, Founder/CEO

Not only do our experiences enrich our work, but they make us more fun to work with! And while our experiences outside the job do make us more interesting on the job, they also help us attract other like-minded, thoughtful, creative, talented folks to join us. 

Our team and what inspires them

Abby Gold
VP, Director of Video Production
I am inspired by my kids. Women leaders. My yoga practice. Norman Vaughan.
Amanda Kanaga
Account Director
I am inspired by the road less traveled and the people you have the privilege to meet along that journey; innovators who improve the world and humanity; entrepreneurial leaders who care about their employees and are great listeners; and successful people who give back and pay it forward.
Audrey Cannon
Video Production Assistant
I’m inspired by every day occurrences – there’s always amazing stories just waiting to be told so long as you pay enough attention to the world around you.
Brenda Brody
SVP, Strategy/Client Services
The theater never fails to inspire me - the stage, any stage, from which experiences are created and audiences are moved. I am in awe of the talent and the discipline required to bring these experiences to life.
Caren Wilson
Senior Staff Accountant
Family inspires me.
Deb Talley
Chief Financial Officer
What inspires me most is being surrounded by family and friends. The warmth, laughter, and support make me believe anything is possible.
Devin Naturale
VP, Director of Production
I'm inspired by Storm King - A 500-acre outdoor museum where creative discovery is limitless.
Ed Hennemann
VP, Executive Producer
I'm inspired by people who can see beyond the immediate, people with a long-range vision and the talent to innovate.
Ed Palafox
SVP, Strategy & Business Development
My inspiration stems from a great quote: "If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." -Martin Luther King Jr.
Ed Romanoff
CEO & Founder
I'm most inspired by people working together toward a common goal.
Henry Seidner
Senior Vice President
My inspiration is when the impossible becomes possible!
Jennifer Valente
Video Producer
What inspires me? Bettering myself each and every day!
Jessica Mastroserio
Production Coordinator
I’m inspired by cooking! Whether it's a planned meal that takes hours or just something thrown together last minute - cooking pushes me to learn new techniques and think creatively.
Joe Doyon
SVP, Sales & Marketing
I have been lucky enough to have a loving family, great personal and professional connections and diverse collaborations that inspire me on a daily basis. This also drives my curiosity to keep taking on new challenges.
Julie Hyde
Executive Producer
I’m inspired by what we do. There’s no better feeling than the first 20 seconds after a show has “kicked off” and you are in it. You’re about to witness in real time all the hard work and dedication of the last several months. It’s exhilarating and always inspires me to be proud of what we’ve accomplished and also say, what’s next?!
Justin Brands
Executive Assistant to CEO & Founder
I'm inspired by seeing someone leave their comfort zone to achieve something amazing.
Karen Marston
Staff Accountant
Cycling inspires me, especially in the warmth of the sun or the cool crisp morning air. The view of Lake Tahoe from the top of Emerald Bay, or the red rocks in Moab, Utah - with friends, sharing stories. Recharges my soul. My favorite kind of day!
Lauren Weiss
Manager, Office Operations
My husband and 3 children inspire me. We have so much fun together whether we are home or out exploring new places in our area. I love seeing the world through their eyes.
Marisa Lichtenstein
Senior Director, National Accounts
My kids push me to stay focused and my husband reminds me of my personal goals. I think Dreams are inspiring. Dreams that people work towards their entire life such as travel, careers and family. Seeing people go after and achieve their dreams is beautiful and inspiring.
Ray Simon
Executive Vice President
I am inspired by making a difference-in both my personal and business life. And deciding what kind of a difference I want to make.
Rich Warwinsky
Senior Technical Director
Getting out into the natural environment, either on foot or bicycling, engages me physically, flushes the stress and releases a fresh supply of energy and enthusiasm. Perspiration often brings inspiration and may even enable a bit of creativity to resolve thorny problems or a good or great idea that can be applied in my work or in my life.
Sally Montgomery
VP, Production Accounting
Music has always inspired me, both as a listener and as a performer. I love the challenge of approaching a new piece, and the emotional connections that music creates, both within an ensemble and with an audience.
Shelley Tupper
EVP, Leadership Coach/Senior Strategist
So many things inspire me - seeing and learning new things, hearing a great piece of music, traveling to a place I’ve never been, nature, seeing an incredible sunrise, and my favorite: sun glistening on the water. I am inspired by people - I love hearing how I can help people achieve a goal, take on a new challenge and or be the happiest and best that they can be. I’m inspired by inspiring others to be their best selves!
Sophie Ipkovich
Account Management Coordinator
I am inspired by New York City and what a dynamic place it is; the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to strive for greatness through innovative thinking and hard work.
Tara Litowsky
Executive Producer
As for what inspires me? I could say the cliches of the beach or a museum, but let's be honest, who isn't inspired after 2 glasses of wine at your favorite watering hole?
Tiffany DeLeon
Production Coordinator
From the geography to the people I meet along the way, traveling enriches my life, yet keeps me humble. It allows me to learn about others and myself. It leaves me with a sense of amazement and a desire to discover more, thus it wholly inspires me.

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