Our team and what inspires them

Abby Gold
SVP, Director of Video and Digital Production

I am inspired by my kids. Women leaders. My yoga practice. Norman Vaughan.

Alexsis Garles
Account Coordinator

I am inspired by traveling and meeting new people from different cultures. I am in awe of the different lessons learned from traveling.

Amanda Kanaga
Account Director

I am inspired by the road less traveled and the people you have the privilege to meet along that journey; innovators who improve the world and humanity; entrepreneurial leaders who care about their employees and are great listeners; and successful people who give back and pay it forward.

Amy Boyd
Production Assistant

Books are a big inspiration for me. There’s always a story to be told and something to be learned. I love how people can draw different meanings from the same story.

Audrey Cannon
Video Editor

I’m inspired by every day occurrences – there’s always amazing stories just waiting to be told so long as you pay enough attention to the world around you.

Brenda Brody
SVP, Strategy/Client Services

The theater never fails to inspire me - the stage, any stage, from which experiences are created and audiences are moved. I am in awe of the talent and the discipline required to bring these experiences to life.

Caren Wilson
Senior Staff Accountant

Family inspires me.

Corinne Hom
Sr. Manager, Client Services

Deb Talley
Chief Financial Officer

What inspires me most is being surrounded by family and friends. The warmth, laughter, and support make me believe anything is possible.

Ed Romanoff
CEO & Founder

I'm most inspired by people working together toward a common goal.

Jamie Brown

I'm inspired by those who take an active role in their community or a cause they’re passionate about.

Joe Doyon
EVP, Chief Revenue Officer

I have been lucky enough to have a loving family, great personal and professional connections and diverse collaborations that inspire me on a daily basis. This also drives my curiosity to keep taking on new challenges.

Jonathan Nanberg
Supervising Video Producer

I'm continually inspired by New York City. The art, the architecture, the music, the culture, the people. It's why I moved here, it's why I stay here. It's given me more than I can ever give back. It's given me my wife, my daughter, and my drive to always do better. It's not the city that never sleeps, it's the city that never gives up, and that inspires me most.

Julie Hyde
VP, Executive Producer

I’m inspired by what we do. There’s no better feeling than the first 20 seconds after a show has “kicked off” and you are in it. You’re about to witness in real time all the hard work and dedication of the last several months. It’s exhilarating and always inspires me to be proud of what we’ve accomplished and also say, what’s next?!

Julie Schneider
VP, Head of Creative

When I’m challenged to see something from a new or different perspective.

Justin Brands
Operations Manager / Executive Assistant to the Chairman & CEO

I'm inspired by seeing someone leave their comfort zone to achieve something amazing.

Karen Marston
Staff Accountant

Kevin Doyle
National Account Director

I'm inspired by a cohesive team where – by virtue of strong synergies and a common goal – the sum becomes greater than the individual parts.

Marcy Singer
EVP, Director of Production

I am inspired most by my amazing family. Second to that, creative people and experiences that push me to think of new and different approaches to things.

Patrick McCavanagh
SVP, Client Services

Music inspires me. Music can make me feel a wide range of emotions, happiness, sadness, inspiration, motivation. If you hear me playing some Green Day in the morning, watch out!

Peter Gentile
SVP, Client Services

I am inspired by my amazing family. They encourage and inspire me to be my best and someone they can be proud of.

Raisa Mendoza
Production Coordinator

Ray Simon
Executive Vice President

I am inspired by making a difference-in both my personal and business life. And deciding what kind of a difference I want to make.

Sally Montgomery
VP, Production Accounting

Music has always inspired me, both as a listener and as a performer. I love the challenge of approaching a new piece, and the emotional connections that music creates, both within an ensemble and with an audience.

Shelley Tupper
EVP, Leadership Coach/Senior Strategist

So many things inspire me - seeing and learning new things, hearing a great piece of music, traveling to a place I’ve never been, nature, seeing an incredible sunrise, and my favorite: sun glistening on the water. I am inspired by people - I love hearing how I can help people achieve a goal, take on a new challenge and or be the happiest and best that they can be. I’m inspired by inspiring others to be their best selves!

Tara Litowsky
VP, Executive Producer

As for what inspires me? I could say the cliches of the beach or a museum, but let's be honest, who isn't inspired after 2 glasses of wine at your favorite watering hole?