Posted by Drew Briones on June 23, 2022

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Outdoor Events

As warmer weather rolls around, outdoor venues are going to become a more desired spot for everyone. Who would rather be indoors than outside in the refreshing atmosphere of summer? 

LED Screen > Projector

Perfect for outdoors, LED screens are turning into the standard for company events. LED screens are more versatile than projecting images as the LED’s internal light source allows for a consistently vibrant image. Also, unlike projection, shadows are not a problem whether it be from obstructions or the overpowering natural light. LEDs allow designers more freedom regarding where they want to put these screens whether it be on the wall, ceiling, or floor.  

Social/Media Backdrops

Imagine this: You’re with your coworkers sitting at your table with empty glasses and clean plates, clapping for the finished presentation on your company’s new product launch. Sharing smiles and laughs as you and your coworkers enjoy each other’s company, what better way to save this experience than with a picture! Social media backdrops allow for people to come together and save an experience. A theme-oriented background behind you, different props to wear, settings to change the lighting, and dozens of other creative ideas to add to your backdrop, your event is sure to be seen by everyone.  

RFID Bracelets

Our world is still adjusting to a hybrid environment and companies are trying to accumulate the best data to see how people attend events. Lightweight RFID bracelets not only allow for simple data collection but are also a master key to be able to go from location to location in the event. Try adopting these easily distributable bracelets to simplify the attendance and security process at your events while also getting answers to demographic and event population questions.  

AR (Augmented Reality)

You’ve heard of Pokémon Go. It’s a game that uses your phone’s camera to allow you to see Pokémon in real life from your kitchen or the woods behind your house. Augmented reality is a technology that enhances the experience of an individual’s view on the world, and it can be applied to company events. To create an unforgettable highlight for your merger event, you could take your employees outside to your new location (or same one) and tell them to look up at your building with their phone’s camera. Above is the new sign/name of your company on the building when it’s not actually there. Augmented reality is open to an infinite number of possibilities and the surface hasn’t even been scratched yet! 

Drew Briones

Written by Drew Briones

Marketing Associate at Pinerock