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Virtual Events

Virtual events are an excellent way to complement or replace face-to-face events. We believe it takes a rock-solid strategy and the right technology to successfully meet your goals and connect with your audience online.

Like live experiences, there is no “one size fits all” for virtual events. Our team of digital veterans helps brands evaluate the wide range of solutions available and create a strategic plan tailored to an audience’s specific needs.

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Our Virtual Event Solutions

Digital Events Virtual Hybrid Events
How do you drive engagement and impact, both in-person and online?
Digital Events Webcasting Streaming
How do you share a message seamlessly to audiences around the world?
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How do you tell a story with something that isn’t actually there?
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How does a speaker who is not in the room, connect with an audience and interact with others on stage?
Digital Events Video Conferencing
How do you build communities with remote attendees?
Digital Events Podcasting
How do you create a compelling story, using only sound?

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Engaging Employees by a Webcast

Engagement: This hospitality company needed to host regular virtual meetings to update and motivate on-site employees and remote workers.

Outcome: An all associates webcast, hosted twice a year, live from two main offices. One thousand attended live  while over 300 tuned-in from around the world to stay connected to the company.

Choice All Assoc Webcast

Broadcasting a New Identity

Engagement: After 55 years, Weight Watchers sought to re-brand as “WW” and introduce the identity change in a way that promoted buy-in throughout the entire organization.

Outcome: A successful global live webcast broadcast to an internal audience of 18,000 that included 55 minutes of content, more than 20 speakers, videos, and a cameo from Oprah Winfrey.

WW Broadcast Studio

Inaugural Impact for Students

Engagement: America’s Promise wanted to broadcast its first annual Grad Nation Summit live from Washington, DC, to help achieve its goal of 90% of high schoolers graduating each year.

Outcome: A successful inaugural live event and webcast that featured guest speakers like Colin Powell and Jeb Bush, also covered by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and CSPAN.

Americas Promise Grad Nation

A Hybrid Set for a Hybrid Event

Engagement: Our Client wanted to create a hybrid event to facilitate training for 650 attendees spread throughout separate rooms at its National Sales Meeting.

Outcome: A multipurpose main stage set used during general session and re-purposed as a broadcast set during training, where the content was webcast to 20 separate rooms within the property.

Hybrid Event

A Completely Virtual Launch Meeting

Engagement: This Pharmaceutical Company wanted to create an impactful virtual meeting experience that gave participants the chance to interact and ask questions.

Outcome: A three-hour, completely virtual launch meeting that allowed attendees to interact directly with live presenters. The launch received full participation from all audience members.

BR Launch Webcast

Pre-Event Virtual Training for 3,000

Engagement: Pfizer needed to communicate with 3,000 district managers and sales reps virtually before the live meeting officially launching its new first-in-class drug.

Outcome: Two engaging, virtual pre-show workshops one month before the meeting. Onsite reps connected live via broadcast from 10 separate locations to receive an unprecedented level of training.

Pfizer Chantix Broadcast

Celebrating 20 Years Worldwide

Engagement: Accenture wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its annual, invitation-only, leadership event with a global splash.

Outcome: An experience live-streamed around the world to Singapore, Mexico City, Seoul, Bratislava and London, reaching well-beyond the 500 leaders in the ballroom.

Accenture Global Convergence