Posted by Sophie Ipkovich on May 28, 2020

Engagement is not only part of our tagline but also essential during these challenging times. The question becomes: How do we keep your audience engaged? 


We spent the past months studying the impact of working remotely, revisiting our strategy, and creating new and innovative experiences for our clients. Simply shifting a planned live event into a virtual platform will not work. This challenge presents unique opportunities but requires a fresh approach from start to finish. 

So, how do you engage an audience within the constraints of distance and computer screens? 

Think Hybrid. We leverage interstitial programming to create crisp, compelling, bite-sized content to cultivate a sense of community, even remotely, on a global scale. Plus, we’re still able to capitalize on what made your live events unique and engaging in the past – the enormous value of sharing resources, networking, and empowering your team for the future. 

Shifting to this new approach is more than just using the right technology. It requires a rock-solid strategy to successfully meet your goals and connect with your audience online. Who do you want to reach? What do you want your audience to walk away with? And most importantly, how do you ensure every single person is engaging with your content?

For 25 years, PineRock has worked alongside our clients to develop the right tools to tell the best version of their story. Our team of communication experts have a proven history of helping brands create strategic plans tailored to their specific needs. We’re poised to translate this expertise into true connection in a virtual environment.

Real Engagement, Real Outcomes.   

PineRock is your partner for creative engagement, meaningful content and effective results. 

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Sophie Ipkovich

Written by Sophie Ipkovich

Sophie Ipkovich is a world traveller, social media enthusiast and chai tea lover. She moved to the United States from Vienna, Austria 4 years ago to pursue her dreams in the City that she fell in love with. For her, NYC is the hub of communication with people and cultures coming together from all over the world. Back in Austria, Sophie received her Bachelor’s in Communications and Media Studies from University of Vienna and has been working in this field ever since. As our Account Management Coordinator at PineRock this past year she contributed in fostering important client relationships and helped manage several large scale events and communications projects. For her, every interaction matters - whether it is live or virtual. She believes connecting with people on an emotional and intellectual level is key to building strong relationships. With her creative mind and keen eye for details Sophie will serve as a great partner and strategist to guide you through all your communication goals. And if you are looking to expand your language skills, she can also teach you some German.