Posted by Cole Doyon on August 1, 2022

Typically, RFID bands are worn as wristbands, and are featured across festivals, concerts, and events across the world. Some advantages of incorporating RFIDs are below: 

1. Obtain data on your attendees: RFID bands will help you acquire more data about your guests and event. You can see how many people attended the event, where people interacted, and which areas were popular. This data will help you plan more efficiently for your next event. 

2. Self-Check-In: RFID systems speed up the entry process. Since RFID bands can be pre-authorized before being sent to the customers, individuals can check-in once they get to the premises. Self-check-in also means that you don’t need to hire and train personnel to check people into your event.

3. Upgrade attendee engagement on site: There are endless ways to engage at an event with RFID bands. One of the most popular is RFID-enabled photo booths. By simply tapping their wristband or badge, attendees can snap a quick flick that’s sent to their respective email. 

4. Impress your attendees: One of the biggest draws of RFID is how modern and tech-savvy you will appear to your attendees. As a relatively recent innovation, you may be the first event to showcase RFIDs to your attendees! If you can get creative, you can build an unforgettable event experience.  

Cole Doyon

Written by Cole Doyon

Marketing Associate at PineRock