Jennifer Valente

Jennifer Valente
Jennifer Valente: Writer, Blogger, Hiker, Animal Lover, Amateur Billiards Player, Self-Acclaimed Chef, but most importantly...a force to be reckoned with in the video industry. Jennifer received her Bachelor's in Broadcast and Visual Media with a Journalism focus from Seton Hall University in 2016. Prior to her career at PineRock, she worked for NBCUniversal where she scripted, produced and edited television promos and celebrity interviews for broadcast. As our Video Producer at PineRock for the past four years, she has contributed and produced several Telly, Videographer, and Stevie award-winning projects for our clients. For Jennifer, all video experiences are not created equal. She believes that each experience should be tailored to represent the raw voice and brand of our clients, and she works to achieve just that. Jennifer brings creativity, innovation, and a unique spin to the table, and will serve as a great partner and strategist for all of your video-related goals. And if you're lucky, she'll also give you her eggplant parm recipe (Spoiler: It's phenomenal).
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