Ray Simon,  Executive Vice President, Account Director

The big apple offers great diversity that satisfies and delights all of my interests--it is a magical place.  Having been fortunate to travel most of the world's cities to me it is unquestionably the best place in the world and I am thrilled to call it home.

Mac McNally, EVP, General Manager  

Sedona, Arizona is a very peaceful and beautiful place to recharge. 

Shelley Tupper, SVP, Account Director

Southeast Asia inspires me because it's so culturally different. It turns my head in so many different directions that I have a different world view. I flew over thousands of temples that were thousands of years old at dawn in Burma and it drew me to tears. 

Brenda Brody,  SVP Client Services

The theater never fails to inspire me - the stage, any stage, from which experiences are created and audiences are moved. I am in awe of the talent and the discipline required to bring these experiences to life. The theatre truly set me on a path that shaped who I am - from seeing my first musical as a child, to later becoming a performer myself, and now in the production world.

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Devin Naturale,  Executive Producer

My favorite place is the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. It's simply fun and beautiful and makes me feel happy when I see it, like I'm a little kid. It's nice to get joy from a simple moment - and isn't that what life should be about?

Steve Aberg, Executive Producer

The front porch of my family's farm in Brightwood has bucolic views of the blue ridge, rolling white fencing, silence, cows in the fields, crystal clear fall skies... This always inspires me to remember what is important and to recharge for the future. 

  Stephanie Quinn , Vice President, Client Services  I am happiest when I'm sitting by the ocean. That can be the Jersey Shore where I have spent countless summers or it can be the shores of an exotic locale. I am inspired by the ocean's beauty and its sheer magnitude and power. 

Stephanie Quinn, Vice President, Client Services

I am happiest when I'm sitting by the ocean. That can be the Jersey Shore where I have spent countless summers or it can be the shores of an exotic locale. I am inspired by the ocean's beauty and its sheer magnitude and power. 

Lauren Weiss, Manager of Office Operations

My favorite place is my king-sized Temperpedic bed, with a remote in one hand and a large bowl of ice cream in the other... while my baby sleeps

Amy Jones, Account Director

Edgartown Lighthouse Beach- Swimming there at night, the water twinkles with millions of little lights when disturbed ( because of the phosphorescence in the ocean). It's like uncovering a sky full of stars with every movement! Nature's magic always inspires me. 

Rich Warwinsky, Sr Technical Director

Cycling along the Delaware River, early in the morning. Within a mile's ride I'm somewhere beautiful, peaceful and quiet except for gentle woodsy sounds. I NEVER EVER take for granted the beauty and peace of where we live and how it recharges me for another day of life and work. 

Deb Talley, CFO

Reading a book allows me to completely check out - total relaxation. My only focus or thought is on the words I'm reading and no additional "clutter" in my head. 

Tara Litowsky, Producer

The beach – reminds me there's a much bigger world out there! How could this NOT inspire you?!

Caren Wilson, Senior Staff Accountant

The beach is probably my favorite place. So many things are good, but let's say, sitting on a balcony seeing, hearing, smelling the ocean, watching the sun rise or set. It all gives a sense of freedom, peace and comfort. You wonder how being in a place that can have terrible, damaging weather can make you feel happy and hopeful to rest and play. It rejuvenates and inspires

Abby Gold, Vice President, Director of Video Production

On a Yoga mat.

Ed Hennemann, Vice President, Executive Producer

My favorite place is anywhere I can be at peace, relaxing with friends and family.  There are so many stressors in life and I find solitude anytime I am with people who are special to me. The place doesn’t matter much, as long as its comfortable. This inspires me to find ways to generate a loving environment for others.

Naphtali Mckenly, Media Manager

The gym has always been a great escape for me. I love putting on my headphones, listening to some great music and zoning out into my own world. It allows me to think, reflect and plan, which allows me to move forward in such a crazy, yet amazing city like New York.

Amanda Kanaga, Strategic Partnerships

The bow of a boat on the ocean. For me it represents freedom, new direction and endless possibilities.

Sally Montgomery, VP Production

Monet's Garden in Giverny, France - it's a living work of art.

Tiffany Deleon, Production Assistant

The top of Ramapo Mountain at Ramapo Valley Reservation in New Jersey. This place inspires me because after struggling to make it to the top and finally looking out at what it’s in front of me – I can’t help but take a second to realize that the uphill battle was absolutely worth the view. 

Jennifer Valente, Production Assistant

My favorite place is Aruba! The culture, the people, the weather. Everything about it screams paradise and relaxation. Just give me a Pina Colada and I'm good to go!