Holiday Activation


After interviewing all different types of New Yorkers about what makes THEM belong - in their families, communities, to themselves, some common themes emerged:

  • Self Trust
  • Action
  • Creating Together
  • Giving
  • Being human
  • We all come from somewhere else
  • The idea that you belong wherever you CHOOSE to belong

That you belong by being YOU! 


Mirror maze

  • Follow the infinite journey of YOU through a fun, artistic installation made from mirrors. Find yourself, find your people, hide'n'seek.

  • Empowering language written on the mirrors along the way.

  • Be the physical representation of belonging: "wherever you go, there you are." You choose where you belong.

  • Perfect opportunity to take amazing selfies for Instagram

  • For the design, we can collaborate with talented installation artists who work with mirrors

  • Incorporate interactive, touchscreen mirror technology to take the experience to the next level (video example above).

  • Small mirror ornament giveaways


Snowflake art installation

  • Remember as a kid, learning that no two snowflakes are alike? By nature, you BELONG to a larger body or collective - your community, family, etc. In this interactive experience, the collective is snow and you are a unique snowflake.
  • Cutout your own snowflake like you did as a kid, but with much more gourmet materials and contribute your flake to a beautiful, hanging installation.
  • Installation grows as more and more attendees contribute
  • Caricature artists that interpret you as a snowflake. Take home a beautiful piece of art. 


We know this is a very big deal project for you and the company and we don’t want to leave any room to make it anything less than exceptional. We will collaborate with you and have impeccable management to keep everyone on track. We are going to make this a FUN process for you guys and enjoy working together on sending a message this holiday that’s empowering, impactful and memorable.