ADHD Drug launch: Audience 120 reps. Designed a stage that brought all attendees close to presenters and to panels to create a conversational environment.



  • Inflatable “igloos” for learning sessions.  Sound-proof spaces, indoor or outdoor areas.  Hold up to 70 people.

  • We created a tunnel through which all attendees passed to enter the ballroom. Multi-media played on screens surrounding them, delivering blurbs of content to be covered that day.



Oncology launch: focus salesforce on the message that they bring life to patients to help them go from BLACK and white to COLOR.   Projected on a 20’ high by 120’ wide screen.


Ribbon Set

Audience is surrounded by a 7’high screen that has messages and visuals projected, creating a totally immersive experience.  Main stage projection screen is 60’ wide. 


Patient Journey video

This animated short brings to life THE emotional journey faced by breast cancer patients.


Patient Testimonial

This first person patient account of what it’s like to live with ADHD was distributed via online platforms and as a salesforce educational tool.


Trade show Activation

Ray-Ban wanted something different from what they’ve ever done before, to launch their latest collection and drive foot traffic and differentiate their booth at Vision Expo West. Using facial recognition technology, we created a custom game that allowed attendees to “try on” the glasses and compete with their peers. It attracted 1200 attendees.